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How we make our Sci-Fi Mugs

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Welcome to the behind-the-scenes journey at, where our love for sci-fi transforms into the mugs you cherish. We're not just making mugs; we're crafting experiences for fellow sci-fi enthusiasts. Our process, fueled by passion and precision, ensures that every mug we offer lives up to the high expectations we set for ourselves and for you, our fellow adventurers.


Our journey begins in the realm of imagination, where sci-fi wonders and whimsical memes take shape. Each design is a tribute to the genre we adore, brought to life by our dedicated team in the UK. We pour our hearts into creating designs that we're excited to use, ensuring they're not only unique but resonate with the essence of sci-fi.


In our quest for excellence, we've chosen a path less common. Instead of mass-producing generic designs, we embrace the power of digital print dye-sublimation technology. This sophisticated process allows us to transfer our vivid, full-colour designs onto mugs at high temperatures, ensuring durability and brilliance.

Print Production

Using specialized equipment, we print our designs onto high-quality, heat-resistant paper, meticulously checking each piece for accuracy. This step is crucial for ensuring that the final product faithfully reflects our original vision, down to the smallest detail.

Mug Wrapping

Once printed and dried, the design is precisely trimmed and wrapped around a mug. Secured with heat-resistant tape, we ensure it's perfectly aligned for the magic to happen. Our mug press, preheated to 200°C, awaits the next step in this transformative process.

Mug Finishing

The climax of our journey sees the mug, now ready, placed into the press. Within 60-120 seconds under the right conditions, the ink transitions from paper to the mug's surface, creating a permanent bond. 

The sound of the timer marks the moment of truth, signalling that it's time to unveil the final product. After cooling, we remove the paper and tape, revealing a mug that's ready to be a part of your daily adventures.


Our Passion for Sci-Fi

At, we're not just selling mugs; we're sharing a piece of our passion for sci-fi with you. Each mug is a testament to our dedication and love for the genre, designed to bring a bit of the extraordinary into your everyday life. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we hope each sip from our mugs transports you to your favourite sci-fi universe.

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