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Why we watermark our Images

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In the early days of UFO Slurp, we faced a significant challenge when our non-watermarked sci-fi mug designs were stolen and reproduced by unauthorized manufacturers. These counterfeit products, inferior in quality and design, flooded the market, leading to confusion and dissatisfaction among customers who mistakenly believed they had purchased authentic UFO Slurp merchandise. 

Realizing the impact, we swiftly implemented watermarking on all our online images. This crucial step marked our designs as genuine UFO Slurp creations, drastically reducing the occurrence of counterfeits. It restored customer confidence in the authenticity and quality of our products, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and protecting our creative work.

What is a watermark?

A watermark is a type of mark or logo superimposed onto an image to identify its origin and assert ownership. In the case of UFO Slurp, our watermark is the distinctive UFO Slurp logo placed across our images. This not only signifies the image as an official UFO Slurp creation but also serves as a protective measure against unauthorized use or reproduction. While visible, the watermark is designed to be unobtrusive, ensuring that it does not detract from the overall aesthetic of our sci-fi mug designs while still providing essential protection for our intellectual property.

Why do we watermark?

At UFO Slurp, we take pride in the unique and high-quality sci-fi mugs we offer. Our images are watermarked for several crucial reasons, all aimed at ensuring the best customer experience and protecting our creative assets. Here's why we watermark:

Preventing Unauthorized Reproductions Using Inferior Materials

Our designs are exclusive and carefully crafted. Watermarking helps prevent unauthorized third parties from reproducing our sci-fi mug designs with materials that are subpar compared to our standards. This not only protects our brand integrity but also ensures that you, our customers, are not misled by inferior knock-offs that don't match the quality and craftsmanship you expect from UFO Slurp.

Guarantee of Authentic UFO Slurp Merchandise

We want you to be confident in your purchase. The watermark is a stamp of authenticity, signifying that the image is an official UFO Slurp product. Rest assured, the final product that arrives at your doorstep will be free of this watermark, showcasing the pristine and immersive sci-fi design you chose. The watermark's presence online helps you distinguish between genuine UFO Slurp creations and imitations elsewhere.

Protecting Our Artists' Investment in Time

Our artists invest considerable time and creativity into each design, creating the unique sci-fi aesthetics that define our mugs. Watermarking is a way of safeguarding their hard work and artistic investment. It ensures that their creations are used exclusively for their intended purpose - bringing joy and a touch of the extraordinary to your coffee table or workspace.

We appreciate your understanding and support in helping us protect the integrity and originality of our products. When you buy a UFO Slurp mug, you're not just buying a mug; you're buying a piece of art that's been crafted with passion and care.


Thank you for choosing UFO Slurp – where your next sip takes you on a sci-fi adventure!

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